Forest Studies – Mystology

Portraits of the Night and Mystology, realized in collaboration with Jonathan Haydock in 2011, attempt to diminish the artist’s subjective role as an image-maker by exploring the life forms found in nature. Although resulting in different types of imagery, both series stem from extended night walks in the Laurentian forest and constitute homages to nature as itself a living, breathing entity. (Tousignant, 2014)

Forest Studies – Portraits de la Nuit

This series of photographs shows the traces of a process that explores the relationships between the camera, the forest, my partner and myself. During several nights, we have recorded blurry landscapes captured through long exposures. These nocturnal landscapes are illuminated by my partner’s headlamp, and for my part without a headlamp, I try to capture what the other sees through the eye of my camera. The series explores the idea of the interaction between different actants (forest, light, night, camera and humans), an idea that was further develop in the project Encounters.